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    What are Wall Units?

    Wall units are customizable shelving units that are mounted directly to the wall. Which wall? Essentially any. We have the design chops and access to the right materials to design wall units that can be used almost anywhere in your home.


    Types of Wall Units

    These are some of the most flexible and functional options for storage, and they can be put in any room to serve an almost endless array of storage needs. Still, you might want to get some ideas about how you can use a wall unit. Here are some ideas:

    • Your own library: Choose expansive units for your home office or bedroom and fill them with your favourite books to have that personal-library feeling.
    • Winter gear: Where do you store your hockey sticks, skates, skis, and snowboards? Custom wall units can offer exactly the right space for these unique and large items.
    • Bedroom décor: Custom-built bedroom wall units can both be practical and beautiful.

    Home Entertainment & TV Wall Unit System

    Nobody likes to see a television sitting awkwardly on a table, taking up all the available space and showing ugly cords and wires. A custom built wall unit system can help you streamline the placement of your entertainment items, from TVs to speakers, bringing entertainment to the foreground, while keeping the mess of wires hidden away.

    Custom Fireplace

    A fireplace is a perfect way to frame and emphasize a built-in wall unit. You’ll love how our custom wall units can frame your fireplace and create a classic mantelpiece effect.

    Books and Collectables

    Our custom wall units are a great way to show off your favorite collectibles or create beautiful storage for all your books. Organize your books in style with the best built in custom wall units has to offer.

    Bar Unit

    Space Age Closets can make a custom-built bar for all of your needs in Toronto. You’ll love the sophisticated feel of having your own bar unit in the living room or recreation room to entertain family and guests year round.

    Costs of Wall Units in Toronto

    What is the cost of custom built-in wall units in Toronto? You might be surprised at how affordable these units are. While choosing custom cabinets may seem like something only the well-off really pursue, there are a variety of material and design options that can make wall units affordable for even those on tight budgets in big families. And those in big families may need custom storage the most! We can’t give you an exact cost here, but we do offer free consultations where we can learn about your budget and help you make decisions that will fit into it.

    Toronto’s Most Trusted Custom Wall Units Manufacturer

    All of our custom built-in wall units are completely customized. We can commission them in any style, colour, or material that you want us to use and can deliver and install in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Why choose Space Age Closets as your designer and installer for your wall unit project? We provide 100% satisfaction to every client that we have. Your needs, budget, and taste are our top concerns while we make your wall unit design. We give you our expertise, but the final decisions are yours. Reach out to us today to discuss the kind of wall unit you’re thinking of. For style inspiration, view our gallery below, or contact us for in-home consultation.


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    ? Of course, wall unit’s look great and enhance any room and create a family focus for watching the latest hockey game or thriller movie.

    ? This the most up to date enhancement you can add to your home.

    Definitely. A great way to show off any trophies or collectibles.

    ? This is not necessary. Custom built-in’s can go to the ceiling or a gap can be left.

    Built-in’s work and enhance your space and creatively add more storage to your home.

    ? We usually don’t recommend this since a professional knows how to create build and design. Just like you usually don’t handcraft your china or build your own chesterfield.

    Pricing is based on materials, finishes,door style, shelf thickness, moulding. Not really possible to give an estimate without knowing these factors ahead of time.



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