The Best Custom Wall Bed Solution: Murphy Beds!

If you have ever looked at a bedroom and sighed about how much useful space the bed takes up, then a Murphy bed is a great solution for you. These clever wall beds fold up against the wall, freeing up so much floor space that you can use for other things. In fact, you may even find that when the bed is temporary, you can fit a larger bed in the room, to enjoy only when you want. Here is what you need to know about wall beds in Toronto.


The History of Murphy Beds


They seem like such an ingenious invention that that must be old, right? No, Murphy beds were invented sometime around 1900 by a man named, you guessed it, William Lawrence Murphy. He wanted to entertain ladies in his bachelor apartment without violating the mores of the time that frowned on ladies being in a man’s bedroom. So, the bed folded up and the room was no longer really a bedroom!


These beds were then featured in the Sears catalogue, and Murphy beds became popular in Toronto sometime after that. It makes sense that these beds would be popular in cities, where space is at a premium and Murphy beds provide significant additional space.


Where to Use Murphy Beds in Toronto


Murphy beds are a great solution for all kinds of unique home challenges. Consider using them in these situations:

  • Children’s rooms: If you do not have enough room for a kid’s playroom, turn the bedroom into a playroom with a wall bed.
  • Guest rooms: You are not always hosting guests. Why not make the guest room a functional craft room or some other useful space when it is not in use? This is much easier to do with a wall bed.
  • Your bedroom: Using a wall bed in your bedroom can give you much more room and a clean, spacious feeling in your home. Use the space for a home office, home yoga studio, or something else.
  • Apartments: In small apartments, clever space-saving solutions like wall beds are essential.


Your Murphy Beds Choices


Our wall beds in Toronto come in any size and with notable features that can make them even more helpful. Choose from horizontal and vertical beds to allow for different configurations in your room. We can add beds with shelving on the side to make the bed more functional and decorative for your space.


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