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    What Is A Hobby Room?

    As you can imagine, there are a variety of types for hobby rooms. Everything from somewhere you actually are constructing something to being more of a showroom of your collectibles.

    Depending on the type of hobby you have, this really affects how we could design your space.

    A sewing room for instance would need not just be a place for a sewing machine or other machinery, but somewhere to actually cut fabric such as on a large flat table top. A suggestion for cutting fabric upon would be to have a kitchen island-like piece of furniture.

    Whether it has shelving underneath or a series of drawers, a waist-high table top is essential for large bolts of cloth. Kitchen cabinetry would be so helpful so that smaller items can be stored away. Such cabinetry would also be perfect for a sewing machine and could be placed with perhaps even a lower, shelf height to reduce strain on your back.

    As well, seating can be very important since most of the time you are sitting down to create. Comfy chairs or even built-in seating lends greatly to the creative spirit.

    Lighting can also be key not in just for the creation process but also for your displays of your creations. Myself, I have a small halogen table I use for more precise work but in general good over lighting will aid in making the room more purposeful.

    Strangely enough, I know from cooking that storing cookbooks is something that I love having close by. Such is also the case with hobby rooms since it’s nice to have magazines or even books with a multitude of suggestions stored close.

    Keeping in mind model building, cabinetry again once comes to mind to have ample work and storage space. Once the models are completed, display cabinets would be essential to show off your hours of labour.

    Material wise, I always suggest something that’s easily wiped up. Nothing worse than having a fine wooden table damaged from glues or other hobby equipment. A kitchen counter top of either Formica or even a hard natural stone would make clean up a simple task.

    A hobby room could have a multitude of purposes. Not just for sewing or model creation, a hobby room is often a great place for gift wrapping and a wonder place for budding artists to show off their creative side.

    Hobby rooms often nowadays are a room for showing off your collectibles. Many a collector keeps unfortunately their hard-sought treasures tucked away and out of sight but with a wall or room of illuminated display cabinets, your treasures can take their place of importance. Whether safety kept behind glass and locked or simply displayed on shelving (glass or otherwise), your collection can be now shown.

    When you’re ready to begin creating and housing all of your creations and collectibles, give Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry a call at 416-239-1202.

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