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    Why Wall Units Are an Inseparable Part of Living Rooms

    Why do high-end living rooms all have custom built shelving units? While the developer’s basics might work in some spaces, there’s something about a living room that deserves custom shelving. After all, those shelves are the best solution to how to mount a television, incorporate a fireplace, and leave space for our treasured items to be displayed. If you’re not sure if a wall unit will work with the living room that you’re envisioning for your Toronto home, read on to discover your options.

    Can a Custom Wall Units Work with a Fireplace?

    Many people want the warmth and light of a fireplace in their living room. These beautiful features can be incorporated into a built-in wall unit so that you can have your fireplace and your television in the room. We have some great strategies for incorporating these two features. Read on and we will clue you in on some of our secrets.

    Seamlessly Incorporate Technology

    These days, there is more and more technology in our living rooms. You may have a television, multiple gaming systems, different streaming boxes, and more. Too many cords and plugs create quite the mess, but you don’t have to look at them. Our custom wall units can cover up any of the cords in your living room, so everything looks nice and seamless.

    Luxury Options from Space Age Closets

    Built-in wall units shouldn’t be boring. At Space Age Closets we have a lot of unique, luxury options for you to consider. That includes high-end materials in a variety of colors and textures, to work with the specific design of your home. We also offer unique options like bar units for the living room.

    We also believe that living room shelving should offer the display space that so many people want for the hearth of their home. Display books, collectibles, family photos, and your travel souvenirs in a custom built-in wall unit.

    Elevate Your Living Room Today

    If you’re in Toronto and interested in making your living room a more elegant, luxurious space, consider a custom-built shelving unit from Space Age Closets. We can create a custom unit with the exact style, color, material you want. Our designs are always personalized for your exact needs and our exact space. Get started on your custom unit by reaching out to the team at Space Age Closets today.

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