Are You Making the Most of Your Space?

No matter how much space you have, you could stand to use it better. In Toronto especially, where space is often at a premium, it’s wise to reflect on how you’re using what room you do have and how you could use it better. There are many custom storage solutions that you can use to better organize and contain your items in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Here are some ways you can make the most of your area:


Built-In Wall Units


Built-in wall units are popular options for living rooms. They add an excellent amount of storage space around your television, fireplace, or another focal point. They can help you use your living room space better, from storing kid’s toys to storing books or electronics. They can also make your room look more sophisticated.


Walk-In Closets


Just having a walk-in closet isn’t enough to really make the most of a space. The basic design for closets offered by builders is often very poor, with just one rail across the top and a single shelf above it. What about all of that space below? A custom storage system for your walk-in closet can allow you to store so much more clothing and other objects in the room.


Wall Beds


Wall beds or Murphy beds can be folded up against the wall. This gives you a ton more floor space to use for other purposes. Often, people who want to fit gym equipment or a home office in their bedroom will use a Murphy bed to make more room. They are also great options to give kids more space to play in their rooms.


Window Seats


A window is also an opportunity to store things and to sit. Any big window in your home can be improved with a window seat. But they are particularly great for bay windows or large windows that have a view or are naturally in a nook in the home.


Laundry Room Solutions


How well are you using your laundry room space? Custom cabinetry for your laundry room can help give you more space to fold and iron. They can also add useful space for other objects, from cleaning supplies to spare lightbulbs.


Solutions for Other Spaces 


At Space Age Closets, we have custom storage solutions for any space in your home. If you’re in Toronto, reach out to us to discuss how we can help you make more of your space.



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