Boutique It!

As you probably know by now, storage of your clothes and accessories can be handled in numerous inventive manners. Here are few nifty ideas that we found were quite original and will help you organize beautifully.

Backlighting: the addition of back-lighting in your closet transforms it from nice to extravagant boutique style. This highlights your favourites whether they are shoes, purses or your favourite hats. This works for pretty feminine spaces as well as rugged masculine spaces as well.

Do you have a small or shallow closet that’s unusable or just plain awkward? Why not upscale it and recreate it into some thing you really can use. Turn that small closet into a snazzy bar and/or display space or library/media centre.

In this case, a couple had a little spot that was sort of awkward. In a great finish, chocolate pear, the contrast with the white counter top and sides made the upper cabinet almost seem to float. A great use of a small location!

Do you like that streamlined look? A lot of our clients love hiding their clothing articles behind doors. Simple pull-outs with door facings are a great manner to keep that streamlined look. Doing an entire wall of closets from wall to wall make them almost seem to disappear and make a great statement!

Upper storage. If you have really tall ceilings, consider using that upper space and create new storage above your regular closets. Upscale it further by hiding it behind some great doors. Consider accessing it by a library ladder, library stool or a sturdy chair which can be stored in a walk in for extra seating or if it’s a simple reach in, have that chair simply near by.

Extra touches. Most closets are pretty simple so with a few additions a new boutique level can be easily achieved. Consider adding a sparkling chandelier or for a backing, add mirror or a highly-reflective metal or your favourite fabric or wallpaper.

A lot of folks will over look the finish of their closets as well as other cabinetry. Why not mix and match a gloss finish beside a matte finish?

Handles are also the jewelry of your closets so why not add something stunning or completely unexpected.

Now that you’re ready and know what you want, call in one of our experienced professional designers and get your closet done! We have been around for over thirty years and have hundreds of satisfied repeat clients. Why not give us a try.

We love beautifying your home.

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