Closet Storage Solutions For Your Unique Needs

You’re in living in your home, so why are you using someone else’s idea of your closet should look like? Architects and builders don’t know your personal needs for your closet space—but at Space Age we can cater to your unique needs.  As storage experts, we have beautiful yet functional closet storage solutions that you may have never considered. After we’ve customized your closet, your morning routine will be simple, your space will be used efficiently, and your beloved belongings will have a storage space that keeps them in good condition and easy to find.

Walk In Or Reach In Closets?

Larger homes often come with a basic walk-in closet. While you might love your walk-in closet, you should make full use of it. Basic walk in closets are often poorly designed with only a few hanging rods. Let us maximize your space by building sturdy cupboards, drawers and shelves that fit your exact shirt lengths, dress lengths, and more.

Belts, Ties, Watches And Jewelry

A basic closet just doesn’t have any room for these essential accessories, but Space Age has all sorts of closet storage solutions for these special items. Don’t roll belts up, leave ties disheveled, or put watches in boxes where you can’t easily see them—these items should be stored carefully to maximize their life and to allow you to see them all at a glance. Space Age can also design drawers that puts your jewelry on display or hides them away for security. It’s all based on what works best for you.

Mirrors And Laundry Hampers

When you customize your closet, you’ll be able to choose exactly where these closet elements go. Space Age can design custom tuck-away laundry hampers that won’t clutter your space, but which are always within convenient reach. As for the installation of mirrors, why limit yourself to just one? Install a full-length mirror on the main wall or on a door, and place a smaller mirror near your vanity or accessory area so you can easily see how that hat or necklace looks.

Ready For Custom Closet Storage Solutions? Contact Space Age

Space Age can build the closet you want, to your exact specifications. Imagine all your clothing and accessories neatly placed in a spot that’s just right for them. Do you have a unique storage idea in mind? Contact us to find out how we can help. Or, take advantage of our free in-home consultation service.

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