Do You Need Help With Your Closet Island?

So you’re designing your dream closet, a walk-in so you can organize all of your lovelies. Part of this dream closet will be an island. Here are few tips to help make this process easier.

First of all, do you have room for an island? You will need a minimum walking space around your island of thirty to thirty-six inches. Twenty-four inches around your island is often recommended but you will need more space if you plan on having drawers somewhere in that space. The ideal width of the walk-in closet would be eleven feet.

Now that you know you have enough room around your island, you should consider your island is going to need to be a certain width as well or it will topple over. We always suggest it should be at least twenty inches if only one side is being used or if being used on both sides, the island should be thirty inches.

Now that we have some of the practicals out of the way, let’s get down to having some fun! Keep in mind, this is the focal point of your closet… make it shine and shimmer, perhaps add a chandelier or stand-up lighting fixture.

With any space in your home, you need to consider what you want to store in the closet island. Is this meant only for jewellery or every day items? Now you know what you want to store in the island, you need to figure out what sort of drawers. Shallow drawers are best for small things such as jewellery and watches and other accessories. Deeper drawers are best for clothing whether they are socks, lingerie or special clothing items like that favourite little black dress.

We have often found that having a seat somewhere in a walk-in closet makes it so much more practical and enjoyable. So much easier putting your socks on when sitting! Plus with a seat, you can also use the space underneath for more storage!

The top of your closet island will be utilised a lot and just have to be careful it doesn’t become a catch-all. Remember, this is the focal point of your closet. We have created tops that are marble, granite and other materials. Consider placing a glass insert on the top so you can see the contents of the top drawers in your island.

We have talked about a few things for your closet island, now consider adding other touches you’d like in your closet. The handles and knobs on your doors and drawers are like accessories, consider this an opportunity to add some sparkle and your own personal touch!

When you’re ready to start the process to create your own walk-in closet with an island, call the experienced professionals at Space Age Closets. Make an appointment for an in-home consultation. We want to organize and beautify your home!~

When you’re ready to organise your closet well and properly, consider contacting one of our experienced designers: 416-239-1202


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