Have A Hobby? How is it Organized?

As you can imagine, we all have various ways we like to spend our time when not working or trying to rewind. Whether it’s collectibles, sewing, outdoors sport of some sort, or even something as simple as a place to wrap gifts. We all have those rooms that are our private area to unwind and be surrounded by what we love best with whom we love best.

For most of these activities, especially wrapping or working on your favourite hobby, you’ll need storage! Storage is absolutely paramount in keeping your loved collectibles safe, colourfully-displayed, and undamaged and enjoyed.

Sewing Room

A sewing room, for example, needs someplace that you can sit down and work with a sewing machine. Therefore you need a space that suits a sewing machine, a work table that has lots of little storage spaces for thread, bobbins and other small necessities. Bolts of cloth also keep better as well if they’re stored in a drawer or cabinet since light can damage delicate fabrics.

A gift wrapping station is almost the exact same as a sewing room but a work counter would be more helpful at waist level. Ribbons and wrap can be displayed within arm’s reach since they’re not as delicate as expensive fabrics. It all comes down to the ease of accessibility and the room to work with.

As a kid, one of my favourite things was to get a complicated model from a local hobby store and spend hours putting the latest helicopter together or a cool looking tank. Work space was hard to come by but as an adult now, I still enjoy that kind of a hobby and now love having the finished models displayed in lit cabinets. Glass and spots lights enhance and beautiful any treasured hobby. Hobbies take so many turns. A good friend of mine is a disc jockey. While he blends music together, he has a need to have various discs within arms’ reach. Storage is key so that they are not just close by but also organized not by alphabet but by beats per minute therefore cubicles are essential.


Another passion of a friend of mine is books. Libraries are one of the best ways to enhance your home. Built-in bookshelves allow to specialize and organize your favourites while blending the design into your decor.

A good buddy of mine used to constantly amaze us by his wine room. Almost like a small wine store, the beautiful displays were what always impressed me. As if we had walked into Niagara Winery, his dust-free vintages were lit like the most-prized diamonds.

I’m always amazed by how many people collect things. Unless you want your home to look like Hoarders Are Us, you need to organize and store things beautifully and properly, that’s why you need to call Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.~

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