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    How Bathroom Storage Solutions Make Your Life Easier

    Custom storage solutions in any part of your Toronto home can make your life easier. But today we want to focus on the bathroom. Sometimes the storage and organization of this room is an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. You spend some of your busiest moments here, whether you’re getting ready for work or rushing out the door to an event. Better, custom storage solutions in this key room will save you some stress, here’s how:

    1. Have a Space of Your Own

    One of the main things couples argue over is the cleanliness of their space. If you and your spouse have radically different ideas of what “clean” is, then having your own dedicated separate spaces in the bathroom can be very helpful. If you maintain your space as neat as you like, and they do the same, you can cut down on stress and arguments.

    1. Have Things On-Hand

    One of our best storage solutions for small bathrooms is to make the custom cabinetry very tall. You have a ton of space above your sink, so make sure you’re using it all. When you have all this additional space, you can have everything you need in the bathroom actually in the bathroom. Some of our clients previously stored their medicine or first aid kit elsewhere. Others are stuck bringing their hair dryer or their straightener into the bathroom every time they want to use it. What do you need on hand that you don’t have?

    1. Towels Nearby, Maybe Even Warm Ones

    A bathroom should be a place of comfort and not just function. Whether you’re sick, or you just need an extra bit of self-care, having warm towels right in the bathroom is deeply comforting. When you have custom storage solutions in the bathroom, you can include luxury features that might have otherwise taken up too much space. We recommend a built-in towel warmer. Bathroom storage solutions can be comforting as well.

    1. Maximize Drawer Space

    There’s extra space hiding in every bathroom. One of our best custom storage solutions is specially made drawers that can fit around the plumbing fittings behind them. These precious inches of space make your drawers bigger. How does that improve your life? It means you can empty out your linen closet or other maxed drawers and place that stuff in the bathroom. You’ll have a neater home overall.

    Real Bathroom Solutions from Space Age Closets

    Need more storage solutions for your small bathrooms? You’ll be surprised at how much they change your quality of life. Get started today and contact Space Age Closets for bathroom storage solutions in Toronto.

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