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    Important Accessories For Your Custom Walk-In Closet

    What Are the Important Accessories For Your Custom Walk-In Closet?

    Now that you’ve made up your mind to add a few things to your custom walk-in closet, hopefully one we created for you, here are few items you should keep in mind. Go on, it won’t hurt much!

    A Three Hour Tour: Your Island Paradise

    I’m sure you see them in all of the magazines when the “stars” are showing off their massive walk-in closets, the closet island that looks like you should be having a banquet on it. Keep in mind that most islands are great places to display your more delicate items. The island is a great place to store your lingerie or other smaller clothes in the various drawers. The top section of the closet island is a fantastic place to store your finishing touches to your wardrobe. Whether you place your watches, jewelry or other accessories here, this should be considered the last section before you leave for work or the ball at the palace.

    A finishing element you might consider for the counter top could be using an exotic stone like granite or marble or even a quartz top,. You might even consider having a glass top so you can display your collectibles. Keep in mind that the closet island is a focus, it should stand out and become a showpiece.

    The Plans Are in the Safe: A Safe for Your Valuables

    Whether you’re a spy or you just want to protect some of your important documents, a safe in the closet is a great idea. A safe is a great place to keep valuables that are just too precious to leave laying around. Consider hiding it behind a set of drawers or hidden in the back of a hanging section. Now you have your own secret hiding spot.!

    It’s A Gucci! Purse and Hat Storage

    At one time, most women had less than a dozen purses and handbags. Since they have become collectible and are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, they need to be protected and displayed. One of our favorite manners in which to store purses, handbags and hats (yes they are collectible as well), is to place them on shelves behind doors in a custom cabinet. Whether on glass shelves (our favourite) or on sturdy boards, the items need to be displayed and shown off. Glass doors are a great way to show off your items and proper lighting is also an essential as well. Show off your style! It also makes it easier to see what you have so you don’t forget one of your favourites.

    If you’re running out of room for everything, it happens, you can always use a drawer for your clutches. Just remember to use a divider so that they’re not actually touching each either. “You’re touching me”, children used to say at one time 😀

    It may sound old fashioned but you can still purchase hat boxes and for purses and clutches, you can get great cotton bags.

    Is That You Imelda? Shoe Storage!

    If you have good shoes, yes some of us do, then you need to protect them. Quite commonly we built shoe towers with adjustable shelves. which is the most simplest manner. Adjustable shelves are great if you have shoes that are not all the same height, ie boots. The next step up from shelving is to consider drawers for your shoes. This is sort of the best way to protect your investment. They are not as readily visible but are easier to accommodate. Shoes can be quite pricey investments. As with purses, why not show off your shoes on glass shelves and behind glass fronted doors. And of course, lighting is key!

    The Future’s So Bright! Lighting!

    So you’re in your walk-in closet. The first thing you should see is a fabulous lighting fixture, a chandelier. This is another manner in which you can show off your personal taste. Make it a statement. Now that we’ve tackled the pretty aspect of the closet, you have to keep in mind you’ll need general lighting in the ceiling as well as lighting in the cabinets. Almost exclusively LED lights are used. Make it as simple as possible for yourself so try to have one switch for everything.

    What Else Do You Want?

    So far we’re covered a few essentials but here are some other items you might not have considered.

    Laundry Hamper: Often our clients love to have a built-in laundry hamper in their closet. Once we incorporate a laundry hamper, it’ll look just as though it’s a longer drawer, it’ll blend right in.

    Mirror: A full-length mirror is a great idea in a walk in closet. This is another chance for you to have a really fantastic frame on it. As well, a vanity mirror is great to have as well in your closet. which means a spot to do your make up and check your hair. Keep in mind, your closet is statement of your taste. Go wild!

    Ironing Board: What a great idea to have your closet A clothing steamer would also be an asset as well.

    Seating: Now that you’re in your closet, you’ll need to have a seat once and a while. Whether it is a chair or couch or even a hassock, why not get comfortable while you’re getting dressed.

    Valet Rod: This is a great way of making up your mind when you’re getting dressed. It’s so much easier to design your wardrobe when you can lay it out right in front of you and then choose different outfits as you go along.

    Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to have a custom walk-in closet created. After all, Custom walk-in closets are our specialty. Why not call one of our experienced designers to set up your next appointment. We love beautifying your home.

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