Oranges vs Apples: Know What You’re Buying!

Have you ever gone to those flea markets and seen the new products and wondered, how can be sold so cheaply and looks exactly like a name-branded product? The simple answer is, you get what you pay for.

Being in the closet and custom cabinetry business in Toronto, let me give you a comparison knowing what I know best.

oranges vs apples

Our favorite Swedish competitor is known for its great prices but of course, this all comes at a cost. Most of their products in regards to cabinetry and other furniture products are literally made from cardboard and hollow spaces. When we create our cabinetry, we use the heaviest furniture-grade and gram-weight board we can purchase. Structural integrity is very important since we want a solid board we can screw everything holds together perfectly so that it’ll last a lifetime.

Something else everyone should consider is where your cabinetry is made. Foreign-made products are usually dowsed with chemicals to kill any possible insects or other critters coming into the country. Canadian products have little or few chemicals since they are made right here!

I was recently watching a documentary on how jeans are made. Good quality jeans are usually made in North America with the cotton coming from ecologically-friendly farms, ie few chemicals. Jeans from the third world come from cotton plants highly infused with pesticides.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you want something to last for years, you buy quality.

At Space Age, we use only Canadian material for our cabinetry. Our doors are even made in Ontario by a highly-respected manufacturer. Unlike some closet companies, we don’t use standard goods that are imported. We are completely custom so any size is possible in customizing your home. Another benefit of ordering locally is that if there is ever a problem in the future, we can easily re-order a door or drawer front. There are no waiting months and months for a door or drawer front coming from an imported source if we can get a better product locally.

manufacturers of sliding doors

There are lots of manufacturers of sliding doors out there but we prefer locally-made bottom gliding, extruded aluminum framed sliding doors. These are the best sliding doors you can purchase and will last a lifetime. They should be the last doors you’ll ever buy. We find the steel framed top-mounted sliding doors always seem to be needing repairs which is why we don’t offer them.

We often find it hilarious when customers want cheap prices for something that is completely custom. The only way large box stores are able to keep costs down is to make huge quantities of only a few product lines in a set size. If you want something custom, designed to suit your space perfectly, it comes with a custom price since there is only one being made, not thousands and thousands.

Having been in retail for a long time, I’m often amazed at what some consumers will purchase. Myself, I have a different perspective than most consumers. Name brand and status is a big decider nowadays and is often not the best quality. Would you buy a vinyl purse with a garish brand name on it? Well, that is quite commonplace in the fashion industry. Name brand and quality don’t always go hand in hand so the consumer should be aware of what they are purchasing.

The main aim of Space Age Closets is to have a happy customer at the end of the day. Creating beautiful custom closets and other custom cabinetry in Toronto and the GTA allows the company to visit a large diverse community. We love chatting with people but again, an educated customer, as an old commercial used to say, is our best customer.~

Now that you’re ready and know what you want, call in one of our experienced professional designers and get your closet done! We have been around for over thirty years and have hundreds of satisfied repeat clients. Why not give us a try?

We love beautifying your home.

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