Storage Tips for Your Gaming Nest

If you’re a game enthusiast, you may have a pile of board games, a stack of playing cards and poker chips, or an old Nintendo stored on a messy shelf in your closet beneath a mound of rubble.

Lucky for you, we’ve reached a time where it’s become quite common to host game nights with your friends indoors instead of hitting the clubs during the cold winter months.

So why hide them where no one can see them? The greatest parts of hosting game nights are showing off your collection and asking your guests to select a game from your proud repertoire.

Here are some useful storage solutions for your game collection and accessories:

TV Unit Shelving

It’s all about balancing comfort with technology. You don’t want wires hanging loose or running across the floor. Tuck those in behind a large TV unit filled with layers of shelves. Here, you can store your video games and meaningful collectibles, like graphic novels, hockey cards, or that giant foam finger you waved around at your first ever ballgame.



Vintage trunks are becoming increasingly popular as a both a storage unit and a furniture piece. Instead of a coffee table, place a rustic wooden or metal trunk in the center of your living area. You can store the not-so-pretty games or objects inside, while achieving a stunning eclectic look. You can find out at a local thrift store, antique shop, or have one custom made.

Controller Rack

No need to go looking for that X-Box controller between the couch cushions. Install a vertical casing beside your TV unit and hang your controllers neatly. It will save your shelf space—and future headaches.


Wall-Mount Shelves

Last but not least, the tidiest way you can display your board game collection is simple: place them on hard-wooden shelves for both visual appeal and easy access. If you want to have fun with it and also avoid toppling your games over whenever you reach for one, lay them out on individual shelves mounted on different heights. If there is variety in your game collection, express variety in your design!

If you are ready to finally organize your gaming nest, call us today for a free in-home consultation. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting game nights with family and friends every week!

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