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    What Should You Have In A Luxury Walk-In Closet?

    Would you like cream or sugar in your espresso?

    Now that Christmas is over, this is one of the best times for you to consider planning your custom luxury walk-in closet. If you have the space, why the heck not? Here are some of the must-haves for your custom luxury walk-in closet. Just remember, your closet should reflect not only the style you have but perhaps offer some aspirations as well

    Luxury Walk-In Closet

    Definitely Not Gilligan’s Island!

    Think of the closet island as the hub of your custom closet. A few of our clients have their espresso machines on their island while others use it as a great stopping off point when they’re almost finished getting dressed for the day. Either way, the closet island is a great place to house your finery such as jewellery, scarves, watches, privates (undies) and other items that you put on before you leave the closet. Whether you store things in drawers underneath or have a glass counter top so you can see your jewellery, we can supply with whichever your heart desires. Around the sides of the island is a great location for perhaps some seating as well. Enjoy your luxury walk-in closet, after all it is designed just for you!

    A Safe

    Considering you’re storing some of your valuable jewellery in your closet, a safe might be a great investment as well! There are lots of locations we can hide your safe but the really important decision is what needs to go inside.

    You Have How Many Shoes, Imelda?

    Ask anyone that has a luxury walk-in closet about how they store their shoes and you’ll get a guided tour instantly.

    There are a variety of manners of displaying and storing your shoes. Nowadays, shoes can be quite a considerable prospect. You can either use the space to store shoes to their utmost efficiency or you can display for show. Using angled shelving can be a great way to show off your shoes however it wastes some of your vertical space. Simple flat shelves are perhaps best for storing the most in a small space. It all depends on your priorities! Boots are also a major consideration as well since they take up a lot of vertical space. We suggest storing your boots on the bottom shelves. For all of your shoe storage, consider putting them behind glass and illuminating them from above. Now we have a great display for your collection.

    Gucci You Too!

    I have not met a woman yet that only has one purse. Likes the shoe storage above, your purses should be protected from dust (ie glass doors) and be illuminated so you can choose just the right one. Like shoes as well, purses are not an inexpensive commodity. Protect your investment but have fun and show them off as well.


    OMG, My Behind Is How Big?

    Since your walk-in closet is basically your dressing room, you’re going to need a few things to help accomplish this. A big floor length mirror is essential as well as a few valet rods. Keep in mind that a large mirror will also make the walk-in closet seem larger as well. It sounds rather rudimentary, but I’ve seen lots of luxury walk-in closet designs that don’t have a mirror. (designed by amateurs)

    Ironing Boards & Hampers (not a singing duo)

    Since we’re talking about a luxury walk-in closet, you want to limit what you have sitting around. Keep everything clean and uncluttered. This is why we love hampers and ironing boards. A hamper can be disguised easily so that it just blends in with the rest of the drawers. As for an ironing board, it maybe a little more cumbersome to hide, but it is an absolute essential in a closet. You just never know when you’ll need to iron something at the last minute!

    Pino Who?

    We touched briefly on the fact that a lot of our clients like to have an espresso machine in on their island. Some of our clients even have a dedicated area as a beverage station. Whether you have a small wine fridge or a fridge for something to sip on in the middle of the night, this is a great place to considering having a spot just for something to drink. I think a glass of wine in hand is a great idea when you’re getting dressed up for a party!

    I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!

    To make your luxury walk-in closet simply pop, perfect lighting is absolutely necessary. Illuminate your valuables. Consider installing elegant lighting. Crystal chandeliers not only add a touch of elegance but can become a focal point in your luxury walk-in closet. We’ve even seen great looking closet rods that have LED lighting built into them to illuminate your clothes. Remember, this is your personal showplace, have fun and show off your creativity!

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