Who’s Designing Your Closet?

Nowadays, contractors typically install simple inexpensive and inefficient wire systems that have under-sized rods with little strength and durability. One of the smartest things for a homeowner to do is invite a professional over to create a more efficient design to house your most cherished and often expensive clothing and accessories.

Once you have made up your mind which company is coming over, make sure they estimate how many clothes, etc. you have to store. Keep in mind, this is also the time to purge your closet of unwanted or unworn clothing you just don’t need anymore, see one of my other blogs for that

We proudly use only Canadian materials since they are not dowsed with chemicals like most imports. We pride ourselves on installing a product that won’t damage the health of our clients.

What’s next?

Essential to a satisfying storage solution, the closet company should offer a design and estimate upon a consultation with yourself and any other decision maker in the home. I always find it strange that they some other companies have to consult their home office for a quote. They don’t have the experience perhaps? When you have made the decision, it normally takes two to four weeks for the actual installation day(s) of the closet(s) depending the complexity of the actual design. It is so satisfying to seeing the actual drawings come to life in three dimensions.

Closet Designing

Important Questions:

Here are a few important questions you should consider when hiring the closet company.

Q1. How long have they been installing custom closets?

Ans- We have been satisfying happy customers for over five decades.

Q2. Is this a franchise or independently-owned?

Ans- We are completely independently-owned Canadian company.

Q3. What sort of warranty is available?

Ans- Our creations offer a life time warranty under normal use.

Q4. Is the melamine domestic or imported?

Ans- We only use domestic material from Canadian sources!

Q5. What is the thickness of the actual board?

Ans- We only use 3/4” thickness and some cases, 1″ and 1 1/2″ thickness. We one of the few that can offer this.

Q6. What parts are used? Are they plastic or metal?

Ans- We only use metal for longevity and durability. Chrome rods have the longest durability.

Q7. What is the quality of the slides like?

Ans- Importantly, we only use slides that are top rated, full-extension, soft-close and under-mounted which supports the drawers better.

Q8. What kind of closet rods are used?

Ans- We only use round 1 1/14” thick since they are stronger than the cheaper oval variety.

Q9. Does the company prep the space or you?

Ans- Unlike most closet organizing companies, we remove and dispose existing of closets when installing new ones. (at no extra cost)

Q10. What kind of accessories do they offer? 

Ans- There are a variety to choose from. We offer valet rods, sliding scarf/tie holders, ironing boards, jewelry drawers, hampers.

Q11. Does the company have a large choice of finishes?

Ans- We have a large variety of colours, designs from LPL(low pressure laminate), HPL(high pressure laminate – for countertops), high gloss, and 3D textures.

Q12. Do they offer a variety of door profiles?

Ans- Nowadays there are so many variations. We off Modern Slab, Shaker, Raised Panel and for each of these, there are a variety of selections that are slightly different and unique. Our most popular is Shaker 🙂

Q13. Where are the raw materials that they make their projects made?

Ans- We proudly use only Canadian materials since they are not dowsed with chemicals like most imports. We pride ourselves on installing a product that won’t damage the health of our clients.

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Like anything else in your home, this is a big decision and it’s always best to do your homework. Quality is very important and in the long run, it will serve your needs much better. It’s always best to be prepared and have your questions ready ahead of time.

When you’re ready, simply give us a call and arrange for one of our design professionals to visit your home and get you on the road to better cabinetry. We’d loved to hear from you 🙂

Now that you’re ready and know what you want, call in one of our experienced professional designers and get your closet done! We have been around for over thirty years and have hundreds of satisfied repeat clients. Why not give us a try.

We love beautifying your home.

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