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    5 Advantages of Built In Closets

    5 Advantages of Built In Closets

    Built in closets in Toronto are usually high on the list of priorities for home owners, but that doesn’t always mean that your perfect house will come with the closets you need. When it comes time to find the perfect closet configuration for your space, it can feel like a daunting task. In many cases, closets are an afterthought and so the design you currently have may be the wrong fit or lack proper storage for all of your clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. A simple way to work around any closet issues you may have is to opt for custom closet cabinets or a built-in wardrobe, which can make much better use of available space.

    Why You Need Built In Closets In Toronto

    There are many advantages of opting to have custom closet cabinets built in to available closet space. Additionally, it may be possible to take over even more space in the room and create extra storage with the right closet design. Keep in mind that a well-planned and properly executed closet is something that can provide add great value to your home and improve daily life.

    Some of the top advantages of a custom built in closet include:

    1. Maximizing space.

    Built in closets in Toronto can be designed to fit into any kind of space. Customization is often the best solution to make the most of awkward spaces. They can be built-in to L-shaped corners or even designed to accommodate windows, as well as allow you to utilize alcoves and odd corners that usually remain wasted.

    1. Complements your interior design.

    You can be part of the design process when you decide on a custom closet. You can choose something aligned with the rest of your décor, finishes and style. From choosing the materials, the finishes and the accessories such as drawer pulls, there are a wide variety of options to suite every type of style.

    1. Customization.

    Another advantage of built-in closets is the freedom to adjust the internal configuration and customize the storage accessories based on your requirements. Your custom closet space can be designed with more hanger space, more shoe racks or additional storage boxes to hold accessories. A look at the latest closet trends can help you decide what may work best for you. If you share closet space with another person, you can even design different sections to best suit individual needs.

    1. Lighting.

    Lighting is almost always overlooked when it comes to closet design. However, built-in wardrobes can be designed with integrated lighting or light fixtures. This will make it much easier to find clothes in deep drawers and shelving.

    1. Built to fit your space.

    If you try to install an off the shelf closet solution, you’ll most likely be met with several issues. Will the height fit the space you have or will you be left with a few inches of wasted space? Will it take up too much space and not allow for enough usable space? All of these types of dilemmas don’t exist when you opt for a custom built in closet.

    Create Your Ideal Built In Closets With Space Age Closets And Custom Cabinetry

    Opting for a built-in closet will offer flexibility when it comes to choosing colours, finishes and door types, in addition to creating a storage space that works for your needs. Your dream closet can be created to deliver an abundance of storage for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories – it simply comes down to great design. Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry is ready to work with you and design the built in closet of your dreams. To get started, contact us to request a professional in home consultation.

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