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    How to Decorate Your Custom Man Cave

     A custom man cave is more than just adding shelving, a bar, and furniture to a room. Most of the joy of a man cave is in its decoration and theme. We help design man caves in Toronto and have seen some truly unique spaces with interesting themes. We’ll share some of our favorites below. And, if you’re a partner, friend, or spouse of someone with a man cave, you might find some great gifts on this list.

     Gaming Cave

    For many men, the modern man cave is more about gaming than it is about watching sports. If that’s you, then the best décor for this space will be gaming-related. You can have a gaming-themed space that still seems grown up. Forgo posters and focus on adding neon lights that are inspired by graphics cards. Add your favorite gaming merch onto your floating shelving. However, keep some of the shelves clear to prevent clutter.


    Hunting Cave

    Hunting is another classic theme for a man cave but, just like gaming, it can feel more modern and cleaner than the inspiration pictures you might find online. Lean into the woods theme with real wood shelving and lots of plants and greenery. Adding antlers and other trophy items is a must, but you can space them out to ensure they don’t overwhelm the space. Rely on smart shelving to incorporate your hunting theme décor, like fake fish, without undermining the classiness of the space.

    Historical Cave

    Is someone in your home a history buff? Adding vintage items to your man cave can make it very unique. When starting to decorate this kind of space, consider choosing a specific era of history for the theme. You can collect items from other eras, but make them less prominent in the space.


    Tiki Bar Cave

    This is not one of the most unique man cave ideas, but a tiki bar can be so much fun. Don’t look for tiki bar-specific spaces online, but instead try looking for an island getaway or a Hawaii theme. You’ll find more upscale décor options such as miniature waterfalls, monochrome decorative masks, palm trees, and more.


    Man Cave Shelving in Toronto

    Are you inspired to start decorating your custom man cave? We can help you with your custom shelving that will allow you to show off all your favorite items while having all the practical storage and shelving you need to keep your man cave organized. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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