What Do You Need In Your Home Office?

IF you’re like a lot of folks, you’re still working from home. By now I’m sure you’ve realized that working from home has some great benefits and also a few downfalls. Here are a few things that are really essential to having a successful home office (and yes a coffee maker is one of them). So sit back, grab your favourite cup of java and read on

Your Chair: No Seat Belts Required

Most likely, you’re going to be sitting at your desk working away while in your office. Keep in mind, that the longer you sit in a chair, especially your office chair, you’ll need one that adjusts. The longer you sit, the more important it is to have a chair that can be adjusted into different positions. Like buying a mattress, it’s important to find a work chair that fits your body and will help you when you’re pondering your next company takeover. Arm rests, an adjustable head rest, lumbar support, breathable fabric are a few items you should have when considering what office chair to purchase. You’re going to be in this chair a lot, make sure it fits you not the other way around.

When your desk is being designed, make sure that the knee hole where the chair is located is wide enough so you don’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. This is where a good designer is absolutely essential, like the ones available at Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.

Your Desk: Aye aye Captain!

Since you’re going to be at a desk while in your home office, try to make it large enough to accommodate your needs. Too small of a desk will not be helpful and won’t encourage you to work in that space. You need to be comfortable.

While on the topic of your desk, make sure you have the essentials close at hand. Depending on what you want to accomplish in your office, this will be deciding factor as to what you have close to you to work with. For myself, a large screen and my computer and its peripherals are essential to have at my fingertips. For others, perhaps you need a large drawing area if you’re architect or designer maybe your needs will draw on other essentials. Either way, the desk will need to be large enough to accommodate your work needs.

Recent trends for the size of a desk have been anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-six inches deep. Laminates are always popular since they are incredibly durable. Why not go with contrasting colours as well, something to liven up the space.

Lighting: The Future’s So Bright I’ve Got To Wear Shades

Keep in mind, you’re going to need two different types of lighting in your custom home office. First of all, you’re working at your desk so you’re going to need some task lighting. Whether you’re on the computer or creating the next Da Vinci, you will need to see where your pens, paper and other office basics are. Don’t choose the ugliest of lights from the dollar store, choose something the reflects your style and is an asset in practicality and design. Next on your list of lighting is something for over all lighting of your home office. Whether it’s a chandelier or something more basic, choose again something that reflects your company and your style. Choose something fabulous and original. After all, it’s your office not your basic boring downtown office for hundreds of employees. And just so no to fluorescents, no more hag lighting please.

Clients: Are You Comfortable?

If you’re having clients in your office, yes it happens, make sure that you have chairs and an environment that is comfortable and eye catching. Comfortable chairs for your clients, preferably in front of your desk, will make your clients feel at home and hopefully make them more relaxed. As well, you are professional. Make sure your décor reflects not only your style but the fact that you are in business so please, no cute cartoon drawings from your children or ugly photos from holidays. A nice print or piece of art will make your home office look professional.

Ssshhh, I’m Hunting Rabbits!

Something else to keep in mind, is making sure you have a quiet space to work. We often see clients that try to accomplish work in their homes in the middle of the kitchen on an unusually empty spot on the dining table. This is not the way to accomplish anything meaningful. A home office should be in a quiet spot in your home away from distractions such as the day to day operation of the house and from another distractions that cause noise: children, electronic devices and even strangely enough, traffic noise. Something as simple a blinds or drapes on any windows will have the same noise-dampening effect as well.

Now that we have laid out a few ideas for your home office cabinets, it is time for you to consult one of our experienced designers.

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