Key Factors to Consider While Planning a Custom Closet in Toronto!

The unique needs of our climate and your own unique needs should be carefully considered when you’re planning a custom closet. We’ve installed many custom closets in Toronto, and we know how you can make yours a beautiful and convenient asset to your home and life. Here’s the top five things to consider when planning your Toronto closet.


  1. Seasonal Wardrobe


The biggest challenge for designing a closet in a climate with cold winters and almost as intense summers is that our wardrobe needs shift so much throughout the year. You’ll need a spot to store your winter items, like scarves and heavy sweaters through summer. Your storage needs will again shift in winter. Every custom closet should be made with this shift in mind.


  1. Materials and Moisture


Your closet can encounter moisture frequently, whether it’s your home’s humidity in the summer, your workout clothes, or some dampness left on your clothing from the snow or rain. The kind of materials you choose will determine how well your closet will stand up to the challenge of moisture.


  1. Walk-in or Reach-in?


If you currently have a reach-in closet, you may be able to make room for a walk-in closet. Or, if your closet is already a walk-in, you may want to sacrifice some of that space for something else, like an addition to the bathroom or bedroom. It’s important to determine the future of your closet before you start adding custom shelving, or you may need to do it again soon.


  1. Your Morning Routine


Great closets don’t just hold your stuff, they also store your items where you need them. Your most-used items should always be within quick reach. Your closet should enable your morning routine so that you don’t back-track or fight to find what you need, even when you’re running late. Talk to your designer about your morning routine and they can suggest ways your closet can help, such as storing accessories and jewelry right where you’ll need them.


  1. Hidden Compartments


When you’re getting a custom closet, you have the opportunity to put in fun and useful features like hidden compartments. There are plenty of items you may want extra privacy for in your closet, like valuables and sentimental items. We can help.


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