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    The Benefits of Garage Cabinets that Every Homeowner Should Know

    Custom garage cabinets should be high up on your list of ways to improve your home and your garage. Too many home developers leave garages as empty husks, with no storage, structure, or division of space. You can use your space much more wisely by adding garage cabinets and storage. Here are some benefits of adding these storage solutions that you might not realize.

    Keep Your Seasonal Items Organized

    In Toronto, so many of the items we keep in our garage are seasonal. You might keep your bike, snowboard, snow tires, fishing equipment, and even Christmas décor in your garage. You might only pull these items out a few times a year, so keeping them organized is important. Otherwise, you might need to tear up the whole garage just to find them.

    Store Dangerous Substances Separately

    You might have many different kinds of dangerous substances in your garage. Pool chemicals, weed removers, chemicals for peeling paint or staining wood, and much more. Most of these chemicals require you to store them separately from the others, to avoid dangerous reactions. If you have separate cabinets, you can store these chemicals safely, even preventing them from mixing if there is a spill.

    Get More Storage Room

    Overhead storage is a great way to maximize your space in any garage. So many of the items you might want to keep there, from camping bags to planks of wood, are long and bulky. You can store them much more conveniently in overhead storage, or in other cabinets specifically designed for them. The result is that you’ll have more room to store more things in the garage. This can actually take the pressure off other areas of the home and make them clutter-free too.

    Never Paint Your Garage Walls Again

    At Space Age Closets, we use PVC Slatwall for garage storage solutions. PVC is a low-maintenance waterproof material that resists scratches. It is perfect for the garage environment, where you might bring in wet equipment, or accidentally scratch something against the cabinets. Our Slatwall is solid-core and extruded, so you can be sure of its quality.

    Get Custom Garage Cabinets from Space Age Closets

    There are many more benefits of having your own garage cabinets. To talk about your specific needs and what kind of storage system will work for you, reach out to us at Space Age Closets. We’re your premier sources for garage storage cabinets in Toronto, ON.

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