Are You Looking for the Perfect Frame for your Sliding Closet Doors?

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As you can imagine, there is a huge selection of framing materials for your closet doors that will not only enhance your home’s look but make you stand out from the crowd. There are so many choices that there’s bound to be something that would suite the style of your home.

We have a preference that we want something to last a long time in your home, quality is very important. This is one reason why we love using aluminum framing since it is so adaptable. Not only are they very lightweight and strong, they’re easy to work with and not difficult to clean either with just a mild detergent and water. Keep in mind, our aluminum frames are very rigid, strong and not flimsy feeling at all with a variety of profiles to choose from.

For the panels of the closet doors, there is quite a choice to choose from. To blend into your home’s decor, panels can be chosen to match your colour scheme as well as simple colours and materials as well. Our panels work in a variety of spots in your home from the bathroom, bedroom or even in kitchens and living rooms. The sliding doors can be used as room dividers so you could be in your living room watching TV while the dining room has your hubby’s friends over for a poker game. They work as a sound barrier so that you can actually hear the TV! On a side note, aluminum framing are easy to clean and due to the nature of the material, they are mildew resistant and rust proof.

The panels of the doors as well can have a splash of colour since our doors can be divided so they have more than one kind of panel in the frame. Whether it be a bright red , blue or perhaps a lush wood panel flat or in a texture. One of our favourite panels is actually called obscure glass, a 6 mm glass with a sandblasted look that has the look of fog or frosted glass.

Whatever you decide to place in your home, panel doors are a great enhancement and help hide things in your closet or close off your home to enhance it’s privacy and utility. Choose Space Age Custom Closets and Cabinetry when you’re ready to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home. ~

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