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    Design Ideas for Walk-in Closets

    Walk-in closets aren’t just mini-rooms with some basic shelving and areas to hang your clothes. While they can be minimal, they can also be artfully and carefully designed to meet your storage needs while presenting a beautiful aesthetic. You can choose from different kinds of woods, materials and finishes, to fit your taste, while also choosing a combination of features to optimize your storage space.

    Here’s some things to think about when designing your walk-in closets.

    For the shoe lover: If you have a lot of shoes, we suggest building a few custom shoe shelves to safely store your footwear. Nothing is worse than a pair of shoes that have been left in a vulnerable spot and trampled over.

    Hanging space: If you have a lot of blouses, dresses, blazers, dress shirts and ties that need to be hung up, you’ll need a lot of hanging space. Every day wear, special occasion clothing and outerwear take up a lot of space and also need to be hung up to be kept in pristine condition. If you’re sharing your closet, you should assess how many items will be hung between the two of you.

    Drawers: Great for T-shirts, undergarments, socks and even keeping supplies, drawers are an essential for any walk-in closet. Avoid having a separate dresser and install drawers inside your closet – they take up very little room and provide a compact storage solution.

    Cubicles: Great for folding up sweaters, storing accessories like purses and every day jewelry or just keeping items ready to grab when you’re on the go. Cubicles look great in a walk in closet and they are a neat and compact way of storing and displaying items!

    Having a combination of these storage options will easily give you a versatile closet for your belongings that you will like to interact with, no matter the size of the closet. If you’re working with a small space, having a walk-in closet will help you take advantage of that space to keep your items the way you want them to.

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