What Can I Do with a Walk-in Closet?

Walk-in closets in Toronto are more flexible than you might think. Choosing a custom walk-in closet system can help you make the most of your space. What should you do with it? While the possibilities are endless, we’ve collected a few walk-in closet system additions that you might want to consider and personalize for your taste.

 Add a Vanity

Get ready for your day, or night, right in your walk-in closet. Don’t just add a mirror– add a vanity. They provide storage for your make-up and accessories and everything you need to get ready. Try classic vanities that are elegant and feminine, or choose a more modern masculine option if that’s your taste.

Add in Seating 

If you have a large walk-in closet, seating is a great option. You can sit down to put on shoes, wait for your partner when they are trying on outfits, or simply enjoy the ambiance of a clean walk-in closet. Add plush seating to add to the luxurious atmosphere, or pick something small and modern if the space is tight.

Add a Larger Storage Space

While you might be tempted to focus on adding smaller shelves for shoes, folded sweaters, and other errata, you should also add larger shelving for larger objects. You can store so much in your custom walk-in closet, from camping gear to dog toys and hobby tools. If you know what objects you want to store are beforehand, then we can create perfectly-sized shelving for you.

Add Laundry Space

Why not fold your laundry right next to where you store your clothes? If you can fit the washing and drying machine in there, you can get everything done in one space. If not, having a spot for folding and a board for ironing is still incredibly convenient.

Add a Chandelier  

Lighting is a smart option, especially in larger walk-in closets that tend to get a little dark with their built-in lights. Don’t just settle for modern strip lighting in the shelving. Try to make a statement with a chandelier or other large lighting option.

Get Started on Your Custom Walk-In Closet

We offer walk-in closets in Toronto that can fit your needs and dreams for your space perfectly. If you don’t see your ideal closet additions listed here, reach out to us to discuss what you’re looking for.

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