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    Walk-In Closets Systems: Advantages, Types, Costs & Ideas

    Walk-in closets are great, but many look like a blank slate. Your builder didn’t know how to best take advantage of this space because they didn’t know you. Space Age Closets, we can add walk-in closet systems that help you store more, better. Let us walk you through walk-in closet advantages, types, costs, and even some walk-in closet ideas.

    Advantages of Walk-In Closets

    Walk-in closets in Toronto are a bit of a rarity because they take up so much space. That said, if you have one, you will get lots of benefits, including:

    • More storage: You can fit more in a walk-in closet because it is larger. That’s more room for clothes, shoes, and the other things you need to get ready.
    • More features: We can fit more features in a larger closet. You might consider adding a makeup station, mirror, watch drawer, and more.
    • Shelving size: With more room, we can create shelving to accommodate larger items, like long dresses, luggage, purses, and more.
    • Overflow: Do you feel like you need more space in your linen closet or front hall closet? You can bring your overflow into your walk-in.

    Types of Walk-in Closet Systems

    There are not so many types of walk-in closets as there are functions. We can create walk-in closets that have different sections to cater to your different items, such as:

    • Shoes: We can install custom shoe shelving that makes the shoes visible and keeps them safe and in good condition.
    • Jewelry: We can include special shelving options for your jewelry to display it and keep it secure.
    • Winter gear: Tired of unorganized mittens and hats? We can help.
    • Hobby items: Essentially, anything you want to store in your closet, we can make a custom system for.

    What’s the Cost of a Walk-in Closet System?

    The cost to install a storage system in your walk-in closet ranges based on a few factors, including the size of your closet, the quality of materials used, the features, the complexity of the design, and more. If you have questions about how much your walk-in closet will cost, you should reach out to us today.

    Get More Walk-In Closet Ideas

    We build walk-in closets in Toronto. The experts at Space Age Closets come up with unique and unusual options for walk-in closets all of the time. Contact us with your needs and let us come up with something marvelous for you.

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