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    How Walk in Closets Bring Convenience in Life

    The minimalist movement and Marie Kondo have both done so much to help people realize that there is too much clutter in their life. While throwing out or donating old items is a great strategy to get it all under control, not everyone can live with a capsule wardrobe. We still think that the right walk-in closet design, with a built-in walk-in closet organizer, is the best way to keep the clutter out of your life. Here’s how you can use them to their full advantage.

    Get Dressed in the Closet

    Do you hate coming back from work to find a mess in your bedroom? Maybe it’s the shirt you tried on strewn across the floor along with the shoes you had to remove to get at the ones you really wanted. Plus, your partner’s cologne is out of the drawer along with the three ties he tried on. And that’s after just one morning.

    Getting dressed in your walk-in closet can change this endless cycle of clutter for you. First, you can close the closet doors on the mess when you need to. Second, it’s easier to keep things organized when everything has its own spot. Instead of leaving his tie out, maybe your partner will find it’s easier to just put it back.

    When Everything is Visible

    You could purge your closet every six months, but the process does take up a whole weekend. Plus, you may realize that you don’t have that much to throw out, but you just can’t seem to remember certain pieces when you’re getting ready. That’s because your walk-in closet design is so bad that you can’t see everything. When you can’t see something, you won’t wear it.

    A walk-in closet organizer should make everything visible. Instead of rifling through your closet you’ll be able to see it in its entirety at a glance. Also, if it doesn’t spark joy, toss it the second you see it instead of waiting for a closet clean-out.

    Empty Out Your Front Closet

    In Toronto, front hall closets, where you keep your coats and outdoor shoes, are often some of the smallest closets in your home. When you have a large, functional, and custom walk-in closet in Toronto, you can move many of the items you keep in your front closets to your walk-in so that you can actually have room in that front closet.

    Work with Space Age Closets

    We make custom walk-in closets in Toronto that can keep the clutter out of your life for good. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you create a closet you look forward to opening.

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