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    How to Develop a Successful Closet


    Here are a few helpful tips to make your closet more spacious and practical.

    • Purge unwanted or under-used clothing

    Simple and fast rule, if you haven’t worn it, used it or seen it in two years, then it’s time for the donation box.

    • Colour Theme Update

    • If it doesn’t match your current colour theme or line up with any of your accessories, it’s time to donate it.

    • Unflattering Clothes or Needs Repair

    Something to consider is taking that old dress or pants to a tailor and getting it fixed or maybe give it away if it’s not your style anymore.

    • High Maintenance Costs?

    We all love the feel of expensive fabrics but if this costs you too much to maintain ie high cleaning bill costs, perhaps it’s again time to donate it!

    • Sentimental Journey?

    You may love that blazer that your wife fell in love with but keep these sentimental journeys to a minimum of one or two storage boxes.

    • You Still Have that Ugly Thing?

    I know it’s your comfy shirt to wear around the house, but would you wear it when your in-laws show up? Limit how many “comfy” clothes you have.

    What you really have to consider is how useful your closet is. If it’s filled with unwanted’s or maybe’s or once-in-a-while’s, then hopefully the tips above have helped you clean up your act.

    Once you’re done purging, it’s time to get the professionals! Call in one of the designers from Space Age Closets and have your closet shine with beauty and practicality!

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