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    Have a Laundry Room Make-Over with these Laundry Room Cabinets

    Laundry rooms are notoriously messy. So much clothing goes through the space each week. Plus, you have your ironing board, soaps, hangers, collar stays, and other things that need their own spot in the laundry room. You can make this dreaded household chore a lot simpler with laundry room shelving units.

    Don’t just settle for any laundry room closet, either. You can have a custom solution that fits your laundry room and that has a spot for all the unique items you want to store in there. The possibilities are endless, but to get you started we thought we’d explain some of the laundry room storage options you can choose from.

    Built-In & Wall Units

    Laundry room cabinets-built in’s and wall units are the perfect spot to fit laundry soap, hangers, dryer sheets, and more. You can also incorporate a foldout surface for ironing or folding. Or, if you have enough space, you may prefer a permanent countertop for folding, and storage cabinets organized around it. We can build any custom solution you need.

    Walk-In Closets

    Does a walk-in closet sound like an unusual choice for a laundry room? Walk-ins are very useful for those who choose to keep most of their clothing in the laundry room, which significantly limits their trips back and forth. Or you may prefer to keep your dirty clothes in the laundry room, in which case you may need the space of a walk-in.

    Reach-In Closets

    Are you more likely to just hang your clothes to dry in the laundry room, and then transfer them to your room later? Then a reach-in closet may be the right laundry room cabinet for you. It takes up less space than a walk-in but gives you the flexibility to store what you need. It’s common to pair your laundry room shelving unit with a sliding door. That way you can tuck the laundry clutter away when you want to, and access it easily when you’re doing the laundry.

    Need More Inspiration?

    We have many more laundry room storage options. Check out Space Age Closets’ gallery to get inspired about your laundry room cabinets. Remember, even if you see cabinetry that you like in a bedroom or home office, we can recreate it for your laundry room. Contact us for a free in-home consultation today.


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