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    How to Make the Most Out of Your Laundry Room ?

    The right laundry room storage solutions can make the chore as efficient and convenient as possible. Have the right things on hand with a layout that makes the task simple, and you will find that laundry takes less time and effort. Here are some ways to get your laundry room cabinets and laundry room storage solutions to do the most work for you.

    Iron and Ironing Board

    Your ironing board can take up a lot of room, especially for a tool you may only use occasionally. Choose a fold-up version that sits against the wall like a Murphy bed. Tuck it into a cupboard about the same size as the board. It’s most convenient if the cupboard is positioned so that you can use the board just by folding it out.

    Hanging Racks

    Whether you have clothes that need to hang-dry or simply want to save on energy by hang-drying, you should ideally have some hanging racks in the laundry room, so you don’t have to search for places around the house to hang things up. These racks should be in an open-air laundry room cabinet without a door for optimal airflow.

    Stain Removers and Chemicals

    Typically, these chemicals must be securely stored separately from other cleaning products for safety. We suggest you have several small cabinets to keep the chemicals separate. Ideally, the cabinet material would also be high-quality to stand the test of spills and stains.

    Garbage Can

    Where does all of that dryer lint go? You don’t want to be walking off to garbage can somewhere else in the house every time you empty the dryer’s lint filter. So, it’s ideal to have a small garbage can in your laundry room. Ideally, this would be:

    • In a dedicated cupboard to maximize space
    • Foot-operated for easy use
    • Close to the dryer for quick disposal

    Don’t Forget  the Most Important Part – Detergent and Soaps

    The most crucial items in the laundry room—besides the machines—are soap, detergent, and dryer sheets. We suggest you have a dedicated laundry cabinet for these and position that cabinet as close to your machines as possible. This storage solution saves you the time of finding the right product, bringing it over, and bringing it back.

    Professional Laundry Room Storage Solutions

    We can help you get a smart laundry room storage system that makes it much easier for you to get this chore done and makes your laundry room a more pleasant space. Reach out to us today.

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