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    Is Your Pantry Organized?

    Have you ever looked in your kitchen’s pantry and almost felt as if a tsunami of stuff was going to kill you? Most of us keep far too much stuff in our cupboards and it adds up like running shoes at the front door. The secret to an organized cupboard is to start off with good bones, so to speak.

    Kitchen Pantry Designs

    First of all, how tall is your cupboard? When designing a cupboard, you have to consider how tall you are and how far can you reach? A stepladder is a great asset and helps you access areas. Another consideration you should consider for a cupboard is how deep it is. If it’s more than eighteen inches deep, you should have pull-out shelves or pull-out drawers made. Pull-out drawers will make your life so much easier and you’ll never have that spot that item that’s in the back of the cupboard that remains a dumping ground for unwanted and forgotten items.

    Just keep in mind, if you’re going to use those top shelves, don’t put anything heavy and awkward up there.

    Once you have good bones to work with, you should have to start de-cluttering. Most boxes that food stuffs come in are huge and really unnecessary. It’s best to buy containers, preferably well sealed that are uniform to put foodstuffs in. And the big secret, label label label! I always find glass containers are best since they are durable and stand up for a very long time.

    Kitchen Pull-Out Drawers

    When you have your items in durable uniform containers, you now have to figure out which ones you use more often and which to relegate to higher shelves. Always keep commonly used items at an easy to reach height. This is also the same sorting mentality to use when dealing with heavy items, put them on the lower pull-out drawers.

    One of the biggest secrets is having containers that match what you want to put in them and the custom cabinetry to organize them to the best spatial organization. And when you’re ready for the perfect pantry, give Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry a call.~

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