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    Here’s a new built in created between two rooms.  As you can see, they fit perfectly within in the confines of the walls.  A great addition to a home’s organization as well as to the value of the resale of the home perhaps in the future.

    Storage and space are two very crucial features of any house and shouldn’t be ignored. You would be shocked to see how much space you can free up by installing custom wall units. At Space Age Closets, you can expect a custom fit, unique designs and durability! We can also construct any special parts that you might require directly from our shop.

    Built-in units are usually directly positioned into the wall, but sometimes may be an extension of the wall, depending on the support and the wiring/plumbing in your home. The great thing about getting custom-made wall unit cabinetry is that it fits flawlessly within your personal setting. At Space Age Closets you can get a whole wall unit of cabinetry made around your fireplace or big screen television. No matter what the everyday usage of your wall unit cabinetry is, we can make it happen.

    Individuals will go out and spend huge amounts of money on closet space savers like wall units, shelves, closet organizers, etc. without understanding that mounting the right wall entertainment units is not only more cost-effective but will also add to the value of your property, while giving it a new and unique design. We are offering the best quality woodwork and custom built in wall units Toronto.

    Contact us for an in-home consultation to get started on built in wall units Toronto today!

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