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    Springtime For Your Closet

    Summer Time

    I know it might not look like it if you look out the window, but Spring is definitely on the way. This is the best time of the year to get your closet organized so you can have space not only to store your Winter clothes which you’ll soon not be needing but to also get ready to use your Summer clothes.

    Something you really need to consider when organizing your clothes closet is simply straighten up your clothes. You’d be amazed how much space you have if you simply fold up your clothes neatly. For the top shelf, consider getting uniform boxes to store things in. Uniformity looks so much better and seems less messy. A neat closet always looks better.

    Another simple fix is clean your closet. Wipe the body of the closet down with a mild cleanser and if you want your closet rods to slide easily, polish them with wax paper. You’d be amazed again how simple this is but what a profound result.

    As you get all of your clothes gradually out of the closet, try not to take them out all at once since it can be quite overwhelming. Take all of your tank tops out all at once, colour co-ordinate them and then put them back in. If there are some that you haven’t worn for years, this is now the time to either donate, garbage it or make it into a new duster (big grin). This can apply to all of your clothes, simply separate them into categories and organize them. It is so much simpler.

    Once you have your clothes organized and in their proper place, you should perhaps consider updating your hangers. Wire hangers do horrible things to your clothes unless they are extremely thin material. Thicker hangers, whether plastic or wood (my choice) support your clothes much better and don’t cause those annoying bumps wire hangers or those thin fuzzy hangers cause.

    I’ve seen on the shopping channels these miracle bags that suck all of the air out and squeeze your clothes down to a very small dimension. They look great and use less space but I hope you’re handy with an iron since these space bags wrinkle your clothes immensely and the longer you have them in the bags, the more wrinkly they become.

    Organized Closets
    For myself purses are not a priority since I don’t have any but many of my female friends don’t just have one but numerous amounts. Purses are always best sat on a shelf neatly and preferably not squashed in together. I’ve seen some organizers that hang purses vertically and I find that doesn’t always work for most purses. Like clothes, purses come in various styles and sizes. Large purses should be sat neatly on a shelf and preferably not touching since you don’t want to cause any scratches. Small clutches can either be stood up next to each other or separated by dividers. Again, the thought of the day is neatness. If it looks messy, you’re not going to be satisfied with this entire process.

    A lot of folks like storing their clothes in their basement. Unless you have a completely damp-proof basement, I don’t recommend it. Clothes always seem to have a musty smell and feel dampish. A better thought is to store larger items such as boots and shoes in a large plastic dump bin which frees up more space in your closet.

    Lastly, if you have a large amount of clothes you don’t wear any more or they’re out of style, consider either yard sale them or donate them to your favourite thrift store or charity. Either way, when you’re ready to organize you closet, Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry is always here to help you out!~

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