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    Current Trends - High Gloss Finishes

    Trends: High Gloss

    I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere over the last few years. All of the high-class designers from Europe to New York are using high gloss finishes in kitchens, bathrooms and most importantly in closets and other parts of your home. No longer are these high gloss finishes are relegated to the rich, recently various companies have made fantastic innovations.

    High gloss offers great possibilities for designers since it is a great way show contrast with matte or even textural materials. Can you imagine having a high gloss black next to a textural barn board finish? For most designers, this is a great coup not possible a few years ago. At one time, only the most simplistic of colours were available. White is still the most popular as it is with most projects but now, we c an offer not just a fantastic array of colours but also textures and designs in high gloss.

    Structurally, a high gloss surface is mounted on a MDF substrate which guarantees its stability. Quite dense and solid, the new high gloss material allows for some fantastic designs. Not only can we make simple boxes which generally most kitchen cabinets are made of, but we can now do some great delicate work such as shoe pull-outs and other intricate details such as curves and three-dimensional structures.

    Either way, high gloss is here to stay but not like it used to be!

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