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    Is It Your Turn To Organize Your Garage?

    Garages are no longer being used for their original purpose of just protecting your cars and other family vehicles from the elements like they used to. As I’m sure you know, they also become a dumping ground for unwanted items from the rest of the household so here’s your chance to organize it!

    Here’s how to reclaim that valuable space in the garage.

    Purging! The best way to clean out your garage is to use one box for items to toss and be disposed of. (Avoiding landfill usage, perhaps donate the items to a charity or local neighbor that may appreciate it).

    Keep it! Use a second box for items you want to keep and still have a use for.

    Lastly, there are just some items that are junk or garbage. When you have Space Age organize your garage, you can have us arrange to have a dumpster or bin to dispose of them properly right on your driveway.

    Organize Garage Walls

    Having Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry install PVC slatwall with many hooks, baskets etc to organize your brooms, ski’s, sporting equipment, garden tools and ladders, (you get the idea) and other items in the garage, you will find that floor space has increased dramatically.  Another thing that we can help you out with, is create garage cabinetry to get everything stored and put away in its proper place and hidden so things look neat and tidy.

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    A few other things we offer are a way to store your tires from season to season with our tire rack we can install for you.  This saves you greatly on those pesky storage fees most professional garages charge.   Another idea is using the ceiling where we can install overhead shelving that is attached to your ceiling.  Our racking can hold large plastic tubs and other awkward items.  This uses your vertical space efficiently and again allows more floor space to be available.

    Something to also consider as your garage floor ages, you might want to seal the cracks and level the floor with a floor coating product.  Polyurea seals the floor from moisture, rust, salt and petroleum products seeping into your concrete floor and staining it as well as rain, snow and other those inclement weather.  We find this is the finishing touch to any garage project and we offer this service as well as organizing your garage.

    Now is the time to start thinking about optimizing your garage layout and getting it ready for Spring.  Simply give Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry a call and we’ll get you started.

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