6 On Trend Ideas for Custom Walk In Closets

Custom walk in closets in Toronto are still one of the most desirable elements when it comes to buying or renovating a home. These highly functional spaces used to only be a symbol of luxury, but these days custom walk in closets can be found in homes and condos of just about any size. When it comes to creating your ideal custom walk in closet in Toronto, we’re sharing some of the most functional and beautiful ideas to help you create organized storage areas that you’ll love.

If your clothes and accessories are important to you, it makes so much sense to store and display them properly. With some good design choices, you can have the custom walk in closet of your dreams. The first thing to decide when creating a walk in closet is how to create the most functional space possible. Three important things to consider are:

  • Walk in closet shape.
  • How much storage can be added (shelving, drawers, hanging space, cabinets).
  • What style will work for you.

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Inspiration For Custom Walk In Closets In Toronto

Once you get the layout and the structure of your custom walk in closet in order, it’s time to get inspired and incorporate some extras. Look at these six popular walks in closet ideas.

An Island

If you have space, a dressing island is an amazing addition. Islands come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to include drawers and shelves to suit your needs and maximize storage. Additionally, you can add trays or boxes on top of the island to house smaller items like jewelry.

Accessory Displays

Add beauty and a unique flair to your closet space by incorporating innovative displays such as:

  • Mannequins
  • Racks
  • Retail jewelry displays
  • Open bookcases
  • Floating boxes and ledges

A Seating Area

Increase your closet’s functionality by adding seating. An ottoman is a smart solution. You can lay outfits on an ottoman or sit on it while dressing or putting shoes on. For adding an extra boost, choose an ottoman that can also be used for storage.

Built-In Vanity

One of the newest trends in custom walk in closets is a built-in vanity. Key components to add to the vanity area include:

  • A countertop
  • Dedicated lighting
  • Drawers for storing make-up and grooming tools
  • A stool or seat


Lighting can elevate your walk in closet in several ways:

  • Improve room brightness, especially when there are no windows
  • Highlight accessories
  • Function as task lighting when dressing or applying make-up
  • Showcase your beautiful closet displays

A Library Ladder

Looking to add something different? How about a library ladder? A ladder allows for easy access to items stored up high and can also be a handy spot to hang the next day’s outfit or a couple of scarves until you need them.

Bring Your Dream Closet To Life With Space Age Closets And Custom Cabinetry

Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry specializes in creating personalized storage solutions designed to meet your unique lifestyle needs and space restrictions. We always try to inspire our clients with fresh ideas for custom walk in closets that will result in not only a more functional space but a beautiful space too. With so many options available, we know we can help bring your walk in closet dreams to reality. If you’re ready to have your closet revitalized, contact us to request a professional in-home consultation.             

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