Custom Closet Organizers: A Simple Step for Peace of Mind

Your home is possibly your largest investment and your greatest asset, so it stands to reason you want to preserve and enhance its value. The layout and organization of your closets adds value to your home, such as:

  • For real estate purposes, your 3-bedroom home can become a 4-bedroom home with the addition of closet space in another room.
  • When properly organized, closets give the impression of spaciousness and cleanliness.
  • If your closets are attractive and well-maintained, homebuyers get the impression that your home must be high-quality and luxurious.

Consider These Closet Organizer Ideas

The great thing about customised closets is that they are created to meet your specific storage and space requirements. The two most popular closet styles are reach-in and walk-in. The style you choose should be not only based on what you want to do but also what you can do because the space you need must work with your room’s construction. Your professional closet design professional can explain your remodeling and custom closet options based on your architecture.

Reach-In Closet Ideas:

  • Pull-down hanging rods can add hanger space and in a child’s room and can later be adjusted as the youngsters grow.
  • Maximize space with shelves above and below hanging spaces.
  • A small bench surface is a great idea for a close in a mudroom or back entrance.

Three Walk-In Closet Ideas

  • Design is critical to maximize your space! Walk-in closets, when poorly designed, don’t necessarily offer more space than a well-designed reach-in.
  • Going for grandeur? Add a chandelier!
  • Mirrors not only enlarge a space visually, they maximize available lighting.

Custom Closet Organizers And Closet Solutions for Your Home And Office

If custom closet organizers and closet organizer ideas are on your mind, this may be the year to add them to your home or office! You could have a beautiful, efficient storage space that increases your property value by contacting us today. Call 647-797-9789 or contact Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry to learn more about ways to renovate space for custom closet solutions.

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