Make the Most Out of Your Child’s Bedroom While They’re Away at College or University

Your kids have graduated from high school and they’re off to college or university. However, that leaves you with an empty room, and most likely a mess. It may be a couple years before your child strikes out on their own and they’ll need a place to store their things until they do.

As the top provider of custom closet organizers and designers in Mississauga, Space Age Closets will create organizers so you can store your kids’ things until they are ready to move into their own place or perhaps get rid of their old belongings. One thing you should do before they leave is go through their belongings and figure out what they want to keep and what they want to donate to charity or throw out; this will also free up space if you plan to use their room for others in their absence.

However, you may still need to keep your child’s room as a place for them to stay when they come home to visit. Our custom closet organizers and designers in Mississauga will create storage solutions so your guests have a place to store their clothing.

Another way to change the look of the room is to remove any posters or pictures that might be hanging on the wall with your child’s permission, of course and repainting the room. In addition to custom closet organizers and designers in Mississauga, we can also advise you on the best action to take with your child’s room after they leave home.
If your child is moving out permanently and taking all or most of their things with them, don’t let the spare room go to waste! You can convert it into a home office, study, or even a yoga or meditation room. The room can also double as a storage room with our custom closet organizers. And designers in Mississauga will work closely with you to ensure that you maximize your space and still have plenty of room for whatever you plan to use the room for.

And even if you chose to convert the room into an office, study, or meditation room, it can still double as a guest bedroom. One solution that many “empty nesters” choose is a Murphy bed, a bed that folds into the wall that can also serve as a storage unit. In addition to providing custom closet organizers and designers in Mississauga and Peel Region, we also offer Murphy beds.

Our beds are made from durable materials and can be painted any colour to suit your needs. Your Murphy bed can also be made using solid wood for those with discerning tastes. We construct Murphy beds using patented hardware and our beds come with a lifetime guarantee.

Regardless of what you plan to do with your child’s bedroom while they’re away, call Space Age Closets for your custom closet organizers and designers in Mississauga.

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