Simple Steps for Closet Organization

So your frustration levels have peaked and you’ve decided that your closet needs to be updated! Here are few tips to consider when organizing your closet.

What are you storing in your closet?

Consider what you’re actually putting in your closet. Will it be filled with things that you need every day, or will it also store every pair of shoes that you own? If you’re going to use your closet to store in season and off-season clothes, you will need extra shelves above your everyday items to store the things you only use occasionally.

Double hanging vs. long hanging vs. shelving

This goes back to knowing your clothes. Over the years, we have found that people rarely have a lot of long hanging clothes, such as long dresses, coats, etc. Thus, you should dedicate as little closet space as possible to long hanging clothes. Shelving is a great multi-tasker since adjustable shelving can house not just sweaters and pants – they’re also great for shoe storage.

Islands in your closet

If you have space, a closet island is a great way to house some of your smaller items in a single beautiful location. It’s the perfect spot for your unmentionables, as well as your valuables, such as watches, jewelry, scarves, and ties. A closet island can act as a centring device to display your favourite vase, and it provides the opportunity to add a stylish stone countertop. A chandelier or deluxe lighting device above the island will also add a personal touch to your space.

Customize Your Closet

Send them to the bench
If you’ve ever tried to put on your socks while standing up, you’ll appreciate having a bench or firm chair in your walk-in closet to sit on while getting dressed. Beyond providing a place to sit, a chair is also a chance to show off your style. Pick a bench or chair that can be a unique and stunning feature in the room!

Heel boy!

Beyond their obvious functionality, shoes are an increasingly popular way to accessorize an outfit. Because many people own a variety of fashionable shoe styles to suit every occasion, proper storage is essential. For most of our clients, I recommend a narrow wall of shelves for shoes. Whether you use simple adjustable shelves or choose convenient pull-out shoe shelves, reorganizing your shoe collection gives you the opportunity to discard any shoes you no longer wear.

While organizing your closet, it’s important to remember one thing: enjoy the process! From the planning stage to the design stage, to the final construction phase, your newly re-organized closet will be an asset. Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry has been organizing Toronto for over 30 years.If you’re ready to start planning your custom closet, contact us for a complimentary consultation!

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