How To Remake Your Closet Into A Boutique!

Not sure if your home is like mine, but storage is a major consideration. To make whatever space you have for storage more attractive, consider some of the solutions below to transform your closets!

I’m Not Imelda! :

If you’re like most of us, sooner or later you develop a shoe collection. Whether something you wear to work or for that hot date out, shoes seem to accumulate like dirty clothes. Our solution to creating that boutique look is considering a shoe wall. Multiple shelves, either angled or flat, will more than help with that shoe storage issue and make a great statement. Well, maybe you are secretly Imelda 😀

Gotta Wear Shades:

The addition of back-lighting in your closet transforms it from a nice to extravagant boutique style. This highlights your favorites whether they are shoes, purses, or your favorite hats. This works for pretty feminine spaces as well as rugged masculine spaces as well.

Welcome to the Islands:

Yes this has always been a favourite of mine: an island in your closet. Not only will this make your closet look like a Yorkville high fashion shop but it’s a great place to store some of your more fancy and delicate items. We love a closet island that has a space for jewellery as well as little fancies such as unmentionables, perhaps watches and even a spot for your favourite java machine

Hidden Compartments:

Do you like that streamlined look? A lot of our clients love hiding their clothing articles behind doors. Simple pull-outs with door facings are a great manner to keep that streamlined look. It’s amazing how much space is available when you really look for it 🙂

Don’t for get to use the lower section of your closet too, it’s just not for clothes to fall down on

Oohhh! Ahhhh!

Yes, we are firm believers of having some glam in your closets and I don’t mean a rock group from the 70’s. Over your closet island or some other high-traffic area, why not consider a fabulous chandelier or other statement lighting element. Most fancy boutiques always have a statement chandelier in their space, so why shouldn’t you too? After all, i have a chandelier in my bathroom so why not in the walk in closet as well

Clearly Satisfying:

Something to consider when you’re storing your valuables such as watches, shoes or even clutches and purses is acrylic storage units. From something that has small drawers to shoe boxes, this is a great addition to your closet and keeps your special critters dust free as well

Reach For The Stars

If you have really tall ceilings, consider using that upper space and create new storage above your regular closets. Upscale it further by hiding it behind some great doors. Consider accessing it by a library ladder, library stool or a sturdy chair which can be stored in a walk in for extra seating or if it’s a simple reach in, have that chair simply near by.

You Look Marvelous :

I haven’t met anyone yet that leaves their closet and doesn’t check their mirror to make sure everything looks correct. Why not install a vanity desk and mirror?

It’s like having one-stop shopping in your closet. An extra hint: add a glass top to make sure nothing stains the countertop. Go for it!

Now that you’re ready and know what you want, call in one of our experienced professional designers and get your closet done! We have been around for over thirty years and have hundreds of satisfied repeat clients. Why not give us a try?

We love beautifying your home.

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