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    Tips to Design the Perfect Built-In Closet System

    There’s something very exciting about planning your built-in closet system. It’s kind of like designing a new kitchen or bathroom. You know you’ll get lots of use out of the end result, and you get to experiment with unique features and materials and layouts.

    While the process of design your closet and storage solutions are exciting, there are also come pitfalls that you will want to avoid as you get your design together. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect built-in closet system for you, in Toronto, ON.

    1. Focus on the Room it’s in

    The perfect closet system is one that is right for the room. That means a few things. First, you should take some measurements before you set any feature in stone. That way, you’ll know what kind of room you’re working with and if the feature you want will fit.

    The other reason to focus on the room is that the room can really inform what you need from the closet. If this custom closet is for a kid’s room, you might need shorter shelves that are within a child’s reach. Custom-built closet organizers for home offices or for master bedrooms may need different features.

    1. Compile a List of Items You Want to Store

    The best part of a custom-built closet organizer is that it can be designed to fit the exact items you want to store in it. That’s how they use space so efficiently and keep everything so organized—each item has its own specific space. So, to get the very best design, you need to know which objects you want to store in the closet.

    1. Reflect on the Style of the Room

    It’s easy to get swept up in beautiful examples of custom-built closet organizers online. However, always remember that the specific design, material, and color of your closet needs to work with the style of your room and your home. If you need help adapting an example you love, our designers can help.

    Choose Space Age Closets to Get the Best Design

    Your closet and storage solutions can make your room and home so much more functional, so long as you get a design that can really work for you. At Space Age Closets we have experience crafting just the right custom closet solution for our clients and their families. Reach out to us to start the consultation process if you’re in Toronto, ON.

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