How Trendy Are You?

In a year’s time, there are a lot things that can change. Just think a few years ago, we were all cooped up in our homes like chickens!? As well, in the years previous, there were a lot of trends that we really popular. Black cabinets were really popular. As well, there was a big push for lots of natural materials like rattan and wicker. And we learned a new word this year, Maximalism! It was Uber popular as well was minimalism was all king!

Either way, these trends won’t be going away and here are few more that you should consider when doing any sort of remodelling in your home.

This year, we’re seeing an explosion of old is new again!

Textures galore


Statement hardware

Victorian White

Multi-use spaces

Textures Galore!

Not sure about you but I love the texture! Whether it’s on a handle or on a large scale, texture adds interest!

Here have a look at some of our textured boards.

Consider doing a feature wall in one of these textures or maybe a headboard for your bed.

Textured handles, and jewelry for your cabinetry, are even available and at the height of popularity!


I kind of look at Maximalism as a revolt against the boring empty minimalism look that has dominated interior design for the last fifty years or more. Texture, colour, lots of items, fabrics, wallpapers and time periods seem to be the dominant theme. I sort of see this trend as Victorian eclecticism meets the 21st century!

Statement Hardware

We’ve often said that closet hardware is like the jewelry of your closet. Whether you spend $5 or $200 on handles or other hardware, this is a really easy way to update your closet! Brushed brass, stone or even leather can not only add interest but can be like the icing on the cake!

Victorian White

You could call this again a reaction to that boring Scandinavian look but with a modern edge. Lots of trim, plaster molding, and a style that says I’ve arrived but have restrained tastes. We’ve done this design choice for a few clients and it seems to be ageless. Hint, have a kick-ass chandelier!

Multi-use Spaces

This could be a whole blog in itself. Most of us are living in smaller spaces, especially given the size of the condo, as a result, they have to have a multi-purpose. We have installed home offices that are in living rooms as well as in bedrooms. Here are some examples.

Hopefully, this has whetted your appetite to have some custom cabinetry created.

After all, Custom Cabinetry is our specialty. Why not call one of our experienced designers to set up your next appointment? We love beautifying your home.

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