Five Creative Ideas For Walk In Closet Designs

A spacious walk in closet is a highly coveted addition in every home! However, if your walk in closet only contains a few rails to hang clothing, you may need to add some extra storage solutions to maximize your space. While the installation of custom shelving is an obvious choice when designing your custom closet, there are a few other design ideas you may not have thought of. Consider adding these five elements to your closet to enhance the storage and design of your space:

A Dressing Island

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra-large walk in closet, the addition of a dressing island is a beautiful way to add valuable storage space. Islands can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their multiple drawers are perfect for storing jewellery, watches, hosiery, cuff links, and other small items. You can also install trays inside the drawers to keep your belongings organized and ensure that nothing gets lost. The island’s countertop can be used to lay out your outfit or display treasured items and photos.

Unique Accessory Displays

Your custom walk in closet design can be created with built in storage solutions for accessories, such as a shoe wall and a rack for ties or necklaces. However, you can also give your closet a boutique-like atmosphere with unique displays, such as mannequins, clothes racks, and jewellery displays that mimic those inside a trendy store. Floating shelves and boxes can also be used to display handbags and hats.

A Seating Area

Your walk in closet doesn’t have to be based solely around function – you can also prioritize comfort with added seating. A cozy ottoman or bench will give you space to sit down while you get dressed and put on your shoes in the morning. You can also use the added surface area to drape your clothes on. To create even more storage space, you can get an ottoman that opens to reveal hidden storage.

A Built-In Vanity

If you wear makeup daily and have some extra space in your walk in closet, a vanity can be a beautiful addition. To create a custom vanity as part of your walk in closet design, you’ll need to build a countertop and drawers, install a mirror and dedicated lighting, and add a small chair. If you don’t have the wall space to install a mirror, you can add a portable mirror to your vanity’s countertop. The vanity’s drawers are the ideal space to store grooming essentials, cosmetics, makeup brushes, and hair styling products and tools.


Full-length mirrors are ideal for walk in closets, as they allow you to see your outfit in complete detail, from head-to-toe. They also reflect light, which will make your space look more spacious. If you’re short on wall space, you can install a full-length mirror on the back of your closet door or replace sliding closet doors with mirrored doors.

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