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    Organizing Child’s Closet

    Spring Cleaning with Kids

    It’s March, which means that spring is here – and with spring comes spring cleaning! If you have kids, you know that spring cleaning is twice – okay, maybe 5 times – as intensive with them as it was back in your child-less days. Not only are kids generally not as neat as you would like, they also seem to accumulate so much stuff! From childhood toys they won’t let you throw out to clothes that are just a bit too big that you are waiting for them to grow into, your kid’s possessions can take over the whole house if you let them.

    At Space Age Closets, we can help you create a space for your kid that’s so easy to organize a child could handle it!

    Storage Tips for Kids’ Rooms

    When designing storage solutions for your kid’s room, it is important to keep your kid at the forefront of your mind. What activities do they like / what items do they use most frequently? How tall are they, and will they be able to put the things they want to use back where they belong? Are there some items that you want to keep out of reach?

    Reach-In Closet

    A reach-in closet is always a great choice for kids. The open concept of this type of closet means that your kid will be able to easily see all of their clothing and possessions. A reach-in closet is safer than a walk-in closet for kids, because there is no way for your kid to get stuck inside. It is also less likely that they will be able to hide items from you.

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    Custom Bookshelves

    Built-in bookshelves are perfect for kids. Anchored to the wall, they are safe and provide easy access for your kid’s bedtime reading material. If you want your kid to become an avid reader, creating his or her own library with age-appropriate books is a great start! Bookshelves are also a great place to display your child’s prized possessions and trophies.

    Custom Window Seat

    A window seat can be a great way to create seating in your child’s room that doesn’t take away from play space. We can also build storage underneath and around the window seat, giving you even more storage space. You’ll love how your child’s window seat becomes your favorite place to curl up and read bedtime stories.

    If you’re currently looking at your child’s room and feeling like you don’t know where to start, don’t panic. Call Space Age Storage and we can help you find the organization solution that works for you.

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