How to Organize a Reach-In Closet for Multiple Roles ?

When you have an efficient, custom reach-in closet system, it can fulfill multiple roles. You might share your reach-in closet with another person, so it needs to serve both of you. Or, you might want to include hobby items, outdoor items, books, and other belongings in your reach-in closet. You can get a closet storage solution that fulfills more than one of your storage needs. We create reach-in closet systems in Toronto and have a few tips on how to get it done.

Start with Bulky Items

Are you storing some large or unusually sized items? It is often best to start with those items and build your closet around them. For example, if you have a shoe collection, consider what kind of shelving could hold the shoes and where that shelving could fit into the closet. If you have a laminating machine, then start by adding a shelf large enough to store it.

Consider Length of Hanging Items

Clothing makes up the bulk of the items in most closets. While most people let this hanging space take up most of the closet, you don’t have to. If you’re hanging some short things, like shirts, shorts, and skirts, you can double up the racks, hanging the second just below the first. Or, you can fit shelving or other closet storage solutions beneath the rack.

If there are some longer things that you need to hang, you can hang them all on a smaller section of the full-length rack. There is often still room beneath this for small drawers.

Dedicate Drawers to Different Purposes

Trying to share drawers with your partner or split drawers across different purposes can be frustrating. This is especially true if one person has more things or is less likely to stay organized. We suggest that you assign certain parts of the closet to specific people or purposes so that it will remain clean for the long term.

Use Higher End Materials

Closets designed for clothing may not be sturdy or spill-resistant enough for other purposes, like storing paints or heavy objects. When you get your custom closet installed, it’s wise to use higher-quality, multi-purpose materials that will last longer.

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