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    Are You Ready for the Coming Cold Weather?

    You know, you wake in the morning and it’s no longer that soft warm air caressing you. Damn, it’s frosty cold! You know now that summer is just about over and it’s time to get your clothes ready for the coming coolness.

    Keep in mind, your clothes have been stored away for about six months and they need refreshing. And while you’re getting the summer clothes ready for storage and digging out the thicker clothes, this is a perfect time to re-organize and update.

    Firstly, take your winter clothes out. Make piles of what to wash, donate and which to toss completely. This is perhaps one of the best times to weed out what you haven’t worn for a while and get rid of them. After all, if you’ve not worm them last year, why would you keep them and use up valuable closet space.
    Closet SpaceCustom Closet

    Once you have your winter clothes separated, consider doing the same with your summer clothes. You’ll know which ones you love and want to keep and which clothes to toss or donate.

    Now that your closet is completely empty, it’s time to update and get things better organized. Perhaps as well, it’s time to completely toss your old closet interior and update and upgrade. Consider tearing out your old closet. So many over the years have bought that cheap wire closet systems. Isn’t it time to pamper yourself to a completely custom closet? As well, keep in mind that a custom closet also enhances the value of your home. If you are going to be selling you home sometime in the future, potential buyers will be much more impressed with a custom closet than that cheap thing you bought from a box store. Ourselves, we use local Canadian materials or if you want we even have higher-end glossy material from Turkey or fabulous textures from Italy. Why not go all out and make your closet a showpiece 🙂

    Now that you’ve made the decision to call Harry our designer and get an in-home consultation so he can design something stunning, consider painting and patching the walls of your closet. Depending on what colour you choose with Harry, you might either go with something that matches or consider a contrasting colour.

    As you start jumping for joy with the design Harry has elated you with for your closet, we now have to deal with storing your summer clothes. Acid-free tissue paper is great for gently placing your clothes on and in-between as you begin layering them in large plastic container meant for the top area of you new gorgeous closet.

    Something else to keep in mind is what sort of holidays do you take? If you take holidays somewhere warm, you might want to separate a few things aside from your summer packing. After all, you don’t want to quest through the plastic storage containers!

    As you bring your winter clothes out from storage, inspect them for any problems such as moths or other damage. Get them fixed or consider donating or tossing them. Your choice.

    Well that should just about do it for your winter clothing. Harry has been picking your brains for ideas and needs for your clothes and you now have a spiffy closet from the friendly folks at Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.~

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