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    Here’s a great addition to any room. We tore out an old reach in closet with rickety doors and replaced it with a completely custom closet with beautiful drawers and doors that open to reveal hanging space.

    Now you have to admit you’d love one of these, true?

    Here’s an after and before shot.
    2016 02 18 Baker comparison

    From the moment you wake up to when you leave your home for work, we know that your mornings are jam-packed with millions of things to do.

    Figuring out what to wear is just one of them, and it one of the longest processes. Finding the perfect outfit takes even longer if your closet is cluttered or not as organized as it could be.

    You could end up with a huge mess of clothes and accessories that you will have to clean up after a long and draining day at work.

    Then, this horrible process will repeat the next day…and the day after that.

    Luckily, Space Age Closets provides inexpensive closet designs that will make your mornings a little less stressful.

    There may be several reasons why you may be considering a custom closet redesign. Perhaps the closet you have is too small and doesn’t provide enough storage space. Maybe they only have a basic hanging bar, shelf, or floor space and are in need of an effective organization system.

    You may also want your closet redesigned to spruce up the space or hold more decor. Organized interiors can help.

    Before you consult with one of our experienced designers, take some time to think about your current wardrobe and your preferred storage style.

    Do you like keeping a lot of your clothing folded? If so, you’ll need more shelving and drawer space.

    If you prefer hanging most of your clothing, extra hanging bars and a useful pant rack can be added to accommodate your needs.

    Take a look at a previous project we have completed, which resulted in a happy and satisfied customer!

    This is a great addition to any room. We tore out an old reach-in closet with rickety doors and replaced it with a completely customized closet with beautiful drawers and stunning doors that open to reveal ample hanging space.

    Now, you have to admit, you would love one of these!

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