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Custom storage solutions in any part of your Toronto home can make your life easier. But today we want to focus on the bathroom. Sometimes the storage and organization of this room is an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. You spend some of your busiest moments here, whether you’re getting ready for work or rushing out the door to an event. Better, custom storage solutions in this key room will save you some stress, here’s how:

The minimalist movement and Marie Kondo have both done so much to help people realize that there is too much clutter in their life. While throwing out or donating old items is a great strategy to get it all under control, not everyone can live...

Are you looking for creative ways to make the most of your walk-in closet in Toronto? Then you should consider custom built-in closet organizers. Unlike the flimsy plastic or fabric alternatives, built-in wooden closet and storage solutions are made to last. Better yet, they can...

Home offices can be a blessing, allowing you to save commuting time, take care of your family, or just throw on a load of laundry while you work. But, are you making the most of the opportunity? The right home office storage cabinets can help...

Ask almost anyone and they’ll say they have more clutter in their life than they’d like to have. Still, getting rid of that clutter isn’t always an option, if you have kids, have hobbies that require a lot of equipment, or hang onto things out...

Whether you’re always at home or your workplace allows you to occasionally work from home, being in your home office should be a joy. You have flexibility, a truly relaxing environment, and the freedom to sit at your desk in pajamas if you want. If...

The joy of working at home is sometimes limited by a messy office. Why not invest in your productivity and peace of mind by installing new home office storage cabinets designed to meet your exact needs? Everyone works differently, so you should have a home office wall unit that’s unique to you. That’s our outlook at Space Age Closets. We offer storage solutions in Toronto, so we’ve installed many home offices. Once you decide to get some new storage, we know your first questions will be about which storage cabinets are right for you. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to find out.
If you live in Toronto, chances are you may have ended up with a home a little smaller than you had wanted. But good things can come in small packages! Making efficient use of your space will make your home feel bigger, and even increase its value when you go to sell it. That’s one reason built-in closets in Toronto are becoming more popular. Built-in closet systems let you make use of otherwise empty space. They add structure, organization, and tons of storage room. The best part is that you don’t have to knock down a wall. Here’s what you need to know about built-in wall closets.


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